Working with us

We are pleased to present 'HUD' – the Home Use Device Working Group. In the 'About Us' section of this site, you will get detailed information about the aims, objectives and organisation of HUD. Briefly, the working group consists of experts from all over the world, whether from medicine, scientific research, engineering or industry. The whole team is growing continuously with the driving interest of protecting the user of at-home light-based devices by assisting in the development of draft international standards, influencing regulatory processes and other areas which may impact upon home use devices.

Our success in reaching our objectives will, of course, depend entirely on the efforts and contributions – experiential, intellectual and financial – of the Members who contribute to the HUD Working Group.

As a group with a serious interest in the development of safe, effective and properly-regulated home use aesthetic devices (including, but not limited to lasers, LED's and intense pulsed light systems) we would like to invite you to be part of this process – by regularly visiting our web site members area, attending our meetings and contributing to the 'work packages' that will be addressed – from the regulatory environment to measurement issues, eddicacy and safety.

Because so much of the input to the HUD Working Group is voluntary, expenditure is being kept to a minimum – but there are important costs to be covered: organising events, maintaining and expanding the website, circulating information, etc. For that reason, we are asking all organisations who wish to play a part in our work to contribute to those costs – recognising that some companies have greater resources than others.

We would like to highlight and underline your support and commitment to peoples’ safety by offering various services, especially at forthcoming meetings and events taking place in conjunction with well-known congresses.

Your attention is drawn to our International Home-Use session held every year, when the HUD group members present papers and informative reviews to a large number of professional and industry attendees. On the one hand, participants who have become regular members, and on the other hand interested physicians from various specialities.

At our Home-Use session you will be welcome to present free papers on the safety and efficacy of your home-use product portfolio.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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