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UK Health & Safety Executive releases a public information video on You Tube dealing with the hazards of laser pointers. Watch here the video.


5CC in Barcelona 2018

We had a fantastic session at 5CC in Barcelona on Friday, August 31, 2018 from 09:00 to 11:00

Title: The role of Home Use Devices in aesthetic medicine

Co-chairs: Dominique du Crest, Godfrey Town


1. Physician-guided Home-use Devices: Prescription HUD – Dr Peter Bjerring
2. HUD: Do they work? What do I tell my patients – Dr Christine Dierickx
3. Home Use Devices: New Thoughts & New Devices in 2018 – Dr Michael Gold
4. Positioning and Value of Prescription HUD – Dr Dirk-Harald Gröne
5. Patient, Doctor and HUDs - The right balance – Dr Mukta Sachdev

6. Update on home-use device standards and regulation - Godfrey Town
7. HUD 2018 Survey Monkey - Dominique du Crest
8. Lessons learned from low and high fluence photoepilation - Natallia Uzunbajakava
9. Home use devices: what does the consumer think - Laurence Newman
10. Will vaginal rejuvenation become the largest home-use device market? - Robert Grove
11. HUD with significant results on facial aging - Laure Rossignol
12. Home Use Dermatological Devices: An evidence-based assesement of efficacy and safety – Jay Nash & Frank Beerwerth

Please find here some pictures




HUD at IMCAS Paris 2018


On February 3, 2018 we had a very successful event with a dedicated scientific session for Home Use Devices at the IMCAS Paris.

Title: Home Use Device (HUD): From basic science to clinical practice
Co-chairs: Dominique du Crest, Godfrey Town

1. Lessons learned from low and high fluence photoepilation: How hair follicle cell response translates in clinical results – Natallia Uzunbajakava
2. HUD: do they work? What do I tell to my patients? – Christine Dierickx
3. HUDs: 2017 launches and beyond - Michael Gold
4. Literature reviews: hair removal, rejuvenation, hair regrowth – Godfrey Town
5. Personalized optimization of home use devices – Marion Geerligs
6. Home use devices: What does the consumer think? - Laurence Newman

Find here some impressions:


We encourage you to review the programme of talks and abstracts here



Collaboration with University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea, UK

HUD is pleased to announce that an agreement has been concluded with University of Wales, Swansea, for a Ph.D. student, Rebecca Whittall to commence research on the proposed home-use device ‘Level of Evidence’ paper on 1st February 2017. It is anticipated that this project will be completed in 12 months.

HUD Working Group at the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017 from 14.00 – 18.00h

At the HUD Symposium in Barcelona we presented our activities with Home-Use Devices and the development of the HUD Group.

Eric van Kempen (Philips) and Godfrey Town together with Congress President Michael Gold

Sanne Gossens                               Caerwyn Ash                                    Rebbeca Whittall


  • Godfrey Town: Welcome   
  • Sanne Gossens: Personal & Beauty Care Appliances in the New Medical Devices Regulation; A View from the Home Appliance Sector in Europe
  • Dominique du Crest: HUD Survey Monkey   
  • Michael Gold: Home-use Devices: New Thoughts, New Devices   
  • Mukta Sachdev: Home-use Devices: Positioning for the Dermatologist for all Skin Types   
  • Christine Dierickx: Non-invasive Skin Rejuvenation with Fractional Home-use Devices   
  • Rebecca Whittall: How online reviews affect a consumers perception of safety of home-use hair removal devices
  • Marion Geerlings: HUD Diagnostics & Data (Sensors, AI, Algors and IoT)  
  • Panel Discussion / Q&A
  • Coffee Break
  • Matthias Born: Innovations in phototherapy at home
  • Caerwyn Ash: Simulated comparison of consumer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Laser Hair Removal Systems using computational methods
  • Jay Nash: Role of On-Board skin pigmentometer in reducing adverse events from light-based hair removal
  • Rebecca Whittall: Laser and Intense Pulsed Light home-use treatments: a comprehensive review of the literature
  • Panel Discussion / Q&A


IMCAS in Paris


The Home Use Device Working Group participated at the IMCAS in Paris (26. - 29. January 2017). We had a well attended interesting session during at the last day of the congress.



Title Session: Clinical Reviews of Home-Use-Devices (HUDs)

  • Mr. Dominique du Crest: Home-Use-Devices - market size and doctors perceptions
  • Dr. Michael Gold: Home-Use-Devices - new thoughts, new devices
  • Matthias Born: LED phototherapy - what´s new ?
  • Dr. Mukta Sachdev: Home-Use-Devices - hair removal and skin colour
  • Dr. Christine Dierickx: Non-invasive skin rejuvenation with fractional Home-Use-Devices
  • Godfrey Town: How do home use hair removal devices compare and what do I tell my patients ?
  • Dr. Lauri Tadlock: Mechano-biology for consumer beauty devices
  • Q&A

Thanks to our Guest-Speakers:


Dr. Michael Gold                                  Matthias Born                                       Dr. Mukta Sachdev



 Dr. Christine Dierickx                         Dr. Lauri Tadlock



HUD Working Group at the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona 2016

At August 31, 2016 we did a half-day symposium at the 5CC in Barcelona. We had fantastic speakers and presented a unique program.

Find here some impressions:



Additionally Godfrey Town did a special Teaching Course: He introduced to the science behind light based therapy, covered key aspects of laser safety for the laser user and patient and explained how a detailed understanding of light-tissue interaction will assist in delivering more efective treatments.


HUD Working Group at IMCAS in Paris 2016

Home Use Devices – why this consumer centric business has a Professional component?

Chairs: Dr. Godfrey Town and Dr. Christine Diericks


  • Mr. Dominique du Crest: Market dynamics and trends
  • Dr. Niel Sadick: Combining home devices with in-office procedures for optimal whole body rejuvenation
  • Dr. Christine Dierickx: Home photoepilation: how safe and effective is it?
  • Mr. Tom Nuijs: Hair reduction from prolonged use of a home IPL device
  • Mr. Ian Marlow: Home Uses Devices – technology, data and claims – a retailer’s perspective
  • Q&A

Thanks to our speakers:

Dominique du CrestDr. Niel SaddickDr. Christine Dierickx
Tom NuijsIan Marlow



Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) approved at IEC meeting in Washington

The long-awaited standard IEC 60335-2-113 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. ‘Particular requirements for cosmetic and beauty care appliances incorporating lasers and intense light sources’ was approved by IEC TC61 in Washington in June 2015 and following editing will be published by IEC in December 2015 and by CENELEC in February 2015 as a European Standard. This is a significant achievement and would not have happened without the active participation of company representatives from the HUD membership.

Technology is THE thing right now and this can work in beauty for devices market

By Andrew McDougall, 14-Apr-2015

Most of us have a smartphone or a tablet or computer that we use regularly and there appear to be apps for everything nowadays, and the popularity of technology can be a positive in the beauty industry too as growth is expected in the Home-Use Devices (HUD) market.

[Read more]


UPDATE: Upcoming Events

The HUD Working Group would like to inform you about our upcoming events. We know that this meeting will be full of interesting and educational information.

HUD provided a scientific program at:
SFLM, Les Ares, France (January 20 - 24, 2016)
IMCAS, Paris (January 28 - 31, 2016)
ASLMS, Boston (March 30 - April 2, 2016)
COSMETEX, Sydney (May 11 - 14, 2016)
5CC, Barcelona (August 31 - September 02, 2016)
EADV; Vienna (October 24 - 28, 2016)

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Recent Rapid Development of the Directed-Energy, Home-Use Device Sector

By Godfrey Town, Ron Petersen, Dominique Du Crest

This article presents an overview of this exciting new technology category, the development of the industry, and future trends in at-home cutaneous therapy using ‘directed energy’.

[Read more]


Shedding Some Light on Beauty: Safety Challenges for At-home Beauty Devices Marketers

By Ewa Grigar, Ph. D., Kline Group, 16-Oct-2014

This October, the city of Amsterdam brought together marketers and distributors, as well as market experts of at-home beauty devices, to attend a meeting organized by the Home Use Device Working Group (HUD). [...]

During the last few years, the at-home beauty devices segment has been enjoying the most progressive growth among the entire beauty industry.

[Read more]


Study highlights dangers of novelty laser products when misused

A recent study raises concerns over potential damage to vision from beams emitted by novelty laser products.

Available at our section 'HUD Live Records'.
Please click on the picture on the right side.


From Clinic to Home: Hair Removal Procedures Maintain Popularity

Rosalind Hill reviews some of the hair removal devices on market and speaks to industry experts about the increasing popularity of at-home beauty devices.

Click on the picture to read the whole article!


With A Slew Of New Devices Set To Hit The Market, Retailers And Marketers Are More Focused On The Category Than Ever Before.

By Jenny B. Fine
Photographed by Yasu + Junko

Women’s Wear Daily and the insider’s guide to beauty trade, providing in-depth coverage and analysis on all aspects of the industry.

For more please click on the picture below.

Iluminage launches at the AAD in Denver

Iluminage plc, a new global joint venture between Unilever and Syneron Medical launched the ‘Skin Smoothing Laser’ at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in March this year.

The US$595 antiaging laser was designed by Karim Rashid and is being sold with a co-branded skin care range from Pond’s Institute. The joint venture will benefit from Unilever's global experience in the development and marketing of consumer beauty products and Syneron Medical's expertise in professional aesthetic device technology.

Some impressions:

The Working Group at the Ukraine Cosmetic Magazine

We are happy to announce a new publishment at the Ukraine Cosmetic Magazine.

Author: Godfrey Town, Ron Petersen, Dominique du Crest
For more please click on the picture below.

P&G study points to consumer preference for at-home treatments

By Lucy Whitehouse, 26-Mar-2014

Presenting its latest innovation at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatologists, consumer goods multinational P&G revealed that convenience was a key factor in consumer choice of treatments.

[Read more]


Home-Use Beauty Devices: A Fast-Emerging Market

With the home-use laser device market becoming one of the fastest emerging markets for device manufacturers, Godfrey Town, Ron Petersen and Dominique du Crest analyse the market's development and regulatory standpoints on behalf of the Home Use Device Working Group.

Click on the picture to read the whole article!

Enter the website of PRIME to read the article, click here.

Thank you: Home-Use Satellite Symposium *UPDATE*

On behalf of the whole HUD Working Group we would like to thank all attendees, the speakers and members of HUD for a great Symposium. Hopefully you enjoyed it and our session has exceeded your expectations. 

For all the HUD members we are happy to announce, that the abstract booklet will be available on the Members' Area under “HUD_Webinars_and_Presentations”.

Join the HUD community and benefit from our work.

Thank you very much. See you at the next meeting!

P.S. Videos and presentations are available at the member area.

*Minutes of the meeting are available at the member area at HUD Symposium 2013.

REVIEW: Session in Orlando

Please be aware that the lecture of 'International Progress in Standards and Regulation for Light-Based Home-Use Devices', presented in Orlando by Godfrey Town, based on the paper of Godfrey Town and Wolfram Gorisch is now available at the Member area.

A short overview is also available at the LIVE RECORDS.

UPDATE 02/20/13: ANNOUNCEMENT Jan 2013: Session in Paris!

We are happy to present the latest presentation of Godfrey Town and Peter Bjerring from the Congress in Paris. Please take a look at our LIVE RECORDS and enjoy reading.


It is very difficult to predict accurately the progress of the forthcoming IEC standards concerned with home use light based devices.

At the recent TC761  Annual Meeting in Didcot, UK the "horizontal" IEC 60825-1 Ed3 draft standard (which contains the "enabling wording" for the Laser Class 1C) reached the "CDV" Stage. (CDV = Committee Draft for Vote). This means that it is ready to go out to national committees for voting and a further maximum period of three months to attempt to resolve any negative votes.

[Read more]


The relevant ‘horizontal’ International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards specifically for light-based devices which classify devices and stipulate general requirements are:

IEC 60601-1 (Medical electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance)
IEC 60825-1 Ed 3 (Safety of laser products: Part 1 Equipment classification and requirements) – in development,
IEC 62471  (Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) and
IEC 60335-1 (Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements

[Read more]

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