5CC in Barcelona 2018

We had a fantastic session at 5CC in Barcelona on Friday, August 31, 2018 from 09:00 to 11:00
Title: The role of Home Use Devices in aesthetic medicine
Co-chairs: Dominique du Crest, Godfrey Town


1. Physician-guided Home-use Devices: Prescription HUD – Dr Peter Bjerring
2. HUD: Do they work? What do I tell my patients – Dr Christine Dierickx
3. Home Use Devices: New Thoughts & New Devices in 2018 – Dr Michael Gold
4. Positioning and Value of Prescription HUD – Dr Dirk-Harald Gröne
5. Patient, Doctor and HUDs - The right balance – Dr Mukta Sachdev

6. Update on home-use device standards and regulation - Godfrey Town
7. HUD 2018 Survey Monkey - Dominique du Crest
8. Lessons learned from low and high fluence photoepilation - Natallia Uzunbajakava
9. Home use devices: what does the consumer think - Laurence Newman
10. Will vaginal rejuvenation become the largest home-use device market? - Robert Grove
11. HUD with significant results on facial aging - Laure Rossignol
12. Home Use Dermatological Devices: An evidence-based assesement of efficacy and safety – Jay Nash & Frank Beerwerth

Please find here some pictures