HUD at IMCAS Paris 2018

On February 3, 2018 we had a very successful event with a dedicated scientific session for Home Use Devices at the IMCAS Paris.

Title: Home Use Device (HUD): From basic science to clinical practice
Co-chairs: Dominique du Crest, Godfrey Town

1. Lessons learned from low and high fluence photoepilation: How hair follicle cell response translates in clinical results – Natallia Uzunbajakava
2. HUD: do they work? What do I tell to my patients? – Christine Dierickx
3. HUDs: 2017 launches and beyond - Michael Gold
4. Literature reviews: hair removal, rejuvenation, hair regrowth – Godfrey Town
5. Personalized optimization of home use devices – Marion Geerligs
6. Home use devices: What does the consumer think? - Laurence Newman

Find here some impressions: