5CC in Barcelona 2019

It was a pleasure to host a HUD Symposium at the 5-Continent Congress in Barcelona on Friday, August 30, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00

This was our Symposium Program:

Title: Light-based home-use devices - are we moving towards a prescription?
Chairs: Godfrey Town and Dominique du Crest

1. Laurence Newman “Consumer Perspective”

2. David Bean “The Challenge of Mass market Acceptance”

•    Dr Christine Dierickx : “Home-use Devices for Hair Removal: Why Do They Work and How Effective Are They?”
•    Dr Mukta Sachdev: “Skin of colour and Home-Use Device
•    Dr Iñigo de Felipe: “Hair Regrowth Home-use Devices”

After the sesion we welcomed members and guests to our Meeting with a special report about Beauty Devices 2020 (Base Year 2019) from the Kline Group presentend by Pilar Pardo.

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