HUD SESSION at the IMCAS World Congress

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Energy-based devices for home use are becoming increasingly popular, with rapid growth in this field. Many manufacturers have developed products for "directed energy" treatments (laser, IPL, LED, IR, RF, etc.) for use at home, either a ‘companion’ treatments under professional guidance or for direct cosmetic use.

The Home Use Device Working Group was formed to support these developments. The HUD Working Group offers the website to keep the community informed of the latest developments, standards, efficacy and safety of light and energy based aesthetic devices for home use. Members have the opportunity to access special information about meetings, presentations, and articles in the members area.

HUD appears with its members and faculty key speakers at world-renowned major medical and aesthetic congresses.

At this year's IMCAS in Paris, we were honoured to have Dr Christine Dierickx, D Mukta Sachdev, Dr Natallia Uzunbajakava and Dr Laurence Newman speak on the latest developments.


The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr Bjerring and Dr Town, who is also concurrently the Honorary Chair of HUD.

This year's topics were skin rejuvenation, essentials for home use devices in ethnic skin, a review of risk-benefit considerations for home use device blue light-based therapy and home use devices in the consumer perspective.

Most interesting to the audience seemed to be the everyday exposure to blue-light emitting technology such as mobile phones and computer VDUs and the potential risks that this exposure might present to users.

The blue-light continuum includes several "bands": violet blue 380 - 420 nm, blue: 420 - 450 nm, cyan 450 - 495 nm. Inconsistencies and sources of error in published studies were discussed. Finally, it was concluded that the therapeutic benefits of blue light based therapy outweigh the risks, and there are no known adverse effects in clinical studies with in vivo histological evidence.

We would also like to thank Mr Dominique du Crest, who was significantly involved in the preparation of this year's IMCAS program, and who, together with Dr Town, is monitoring the latest developments in the field of Home Use Devices.



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